The Jodora Candle Club

Jodora's candles are designed and hand-poured in the south.  Our love of all things country, boho and chic combine for this eclectic collection of candles. The Jodora Candle Club is a subscription candle program that where our subscribers receive different limited edition scents from our collection as well as some of our favorite eco-friendly candle brands each month. If preferred we can swap a limited edition for one of our signature scents so long as the selection is made prior to the 5th of the month.  Included in the subscription each month:  candle(s), candle care set, and candle accessories.  Each of our house brand, Jodora, candle products are in vessels that speak to us and can have a second life once you have finished burning your candle.  Should you choose not to keep it we will happily take the empty vessel back and you can receive Jodora cash which may be used on a future purchases in our store!

As always you can be assured that the candles are hand-poured, made from renewable soy wax, contain only food grade colorants and undiluted, unfiltered therapeutic or organic essential oils. 

Pick your subscription level: Platinum, Gold, or Silver.  You can keep your box for the month or gift it to someone else.  Skip a month or cancel anytime.  

Platinum $99.99 USD monthly

4 16 oz Limited Edition Jodora Candles

1 Candle Care Set 

1 Candle Accessory

Return Label for Empty Candle Vessels

Gold $49.99 USD monthly

2 16 oz Limited Edition Candles

1 Candle Care Set or Candle Accessory

Return Label for Empty Candle Vessels

Silver $24.99 USD monthly

1 16 oz Limited Edition Candle

1 Candle Wick Snuffer

Return Label for Empty Candle Vessels


**Please note we can only take back empty candle vessels from Candle Club Members in the continental United States at this time.  We are working to find partners abroad who will take empty candle vessels.  Please check back often for updates**