About Us

Jodora is a sustainable lifestyle brand that brings responsibly sourced, sustainably made eco-friendly products to consumers. We support fair trade and choose natural, renewable, or reclaimed materials to bring purposeful yet eco-friendly aromatherapy, housewares, home décor, and wellness products to you. Responsibly sourced and sustainably made products allow for continual use of natural resources without depleting them or causing environmental damage. Our goal is to always bring you products that you'll love which are better for the environment and society. Every sustainable journey starts somewhere, let yours start at Jodora.

Some collections on our website our intended for our wholesale customers only and are available for retail sale.  Those products may show as sold out and you'll have to visit one of our retail partners to obtain. 

We always love the opportunity to do custom work so please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have something in mind!!!

As we grow we try different market places and partnerships.  Currently you can find limited offerings on Amazon Handmade and Wayfair.  

 Jodora is a certified MDBE.  To view our certificate please use the QR